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Missions -India, Italy & Africa

Church Growth definition: Church Growth is that science which investigates the nature, function, planting, multiplication and health of Christian churches as they seek specifically to effectively implement the Lord’s “Great Commission” to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20)

We believe as The Lord raises ministers indigenously that have the call to reach out to the world. We will send them and plant them to accomplish the Great Commission. First in our neighborhood, then to our city and finally the world.


Italy -

Christians United

Vision Statement

In these last days God is preparing the Church for Reformation, Revival and Harvest.  In order to accomplish this, He is restoring the fullness of His “fivefold” ministry by calling forth and placing again within the Church the function and interaction of five-fold ministry to see the local church fulfill the great commission. 


The purpose of the apostolic team is to work with all five-fold ministry to bring and maintain government within the Church.  For centuries the Church, without these ministries has formed unbiblical wineskins and organizations to accomplish government.  It is increasingly now evident that true apostolic ministry is needed within the local church, for influence, relationship and function.  The Book of Acts demonstrates how apostolic “teams” function, influence and maintain relationships as well as church strengthening. 


It is the purpose of Christians United for local Pastors to establish a strong local church and thus including any need for denominational structure.  



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Churches and Pastors


Pastors Robert Ilardi

Christian Life Church Poughkeepsie NY USA


Daniele Forte

Missione Canaan Bari Italy


Pastor Silvano Zucchi 

Chiesa De Gesu Re Taranto Italy


Pastor Antonio 

Parola Della  Grazie PDG Napoli ,Italy


Pastor Pasquale Albano

PDG Naples Italy


Pastor Jaron Halstead 

Rock Solid Church ,Hudson New York ,USA


Pastor Apostle Ernest Fink

City Harvest Family Church Albany ,NY USA


Pastor Abele Aureli 

Chiesa Di Evangelista 

Frosinone ,Italy

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For more information about Pastor Forte please click here.

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