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Our Church History

When Bob and Sue ilardi became born again in 1988 . They studied and grew in the admonition of the Lord. By June 2001 Bob and Sue were set in as Pastors by C.L.I the Apostolic Overseer of City Harvest Church. Under the grace and covering of that ministry and by the providence of God, the ministry thrived and grew under their leadership. Under the guidance of  NRP (Network of Related Pastors) Bob and Sue relocated their headquarters to Poughkeepsie, NewYork. 


The following represent some

accomplishments and challenges that they have faced during their sixteen year period of service to the Lord at City Harvest Church and Christian Life Fellowship.


  •  Teaching and Training Center which included a Spirit Filled Church

  •  Dynamic Spirit lead Praise and Worship

  •  Ministerial Development

  •  Instructions in church doctrines, Sunday school, leadership studies.

  •  Home Groups

  •  Christian Academy and Preschool

  •  After School programs

  •  Summer camp program

  •  Coffee House

  •  Missions

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